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It is not often that I get excited about a new piece of technology.  Much of the time, I feel as if it is just a gimmick to spend my money on something else that I don’t need.  A good example of this excess technology (for me at this moment in time, anyway) is the iPad.  But the Amazon Kindle has me excited about owning a new piece of technology.
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Three is a Magic Number

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For some time now, I have been hearing John C. Dvorak and Adam Curry talk about three being a magic number on their show, No Agenda. Read about how this number appeared to our family in a haunting, coincidental fashion.

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Not sure if at this point I am going in circles. There is definitely work that has to be done so the show is ready to go again once more. But I guess because I am such a perfectionist, I don’t feel I am ready for Episode 38.

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paralysis by analysis

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Many of you may be wondering what has happened to me. Let me assure you that I am well and nothing has happened to me. The story remains the same: just not enough time.

Many things have been happening in the world and I have been wanting to report on them. Sometimes I feel that I am getting a case of “paralysis by analysis” since I am overthinking the show. I want to be able to encorporate my thoughts and feelings into the show, but I don’t exactly know how. Fact of the matter is that I just need to do it and see what comes out.

One thing is for sure: I want to make the show worth your time. That is going to be my goal and mission moving forward. For now, please stay tuned. I hope to bring you a show real soon.

–)) Justo ((–

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I know I have not giving you enough time to listen to the latest episode, Episode 35.  But I have to tell you what happened after I was done recording the show.

If you haven’t listened to the show, I would suggest you go listen to it now, and then come back and read this post.

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