It is not often that I get excited about a new piece of technology.  Much of the time, I feel as if it is just a gimmick to spend my money on something else that I don’t need.  A good example of this excess technology (for me at this moment in time, anyway) is the iPad.  But the Amazon Kindle has me excited about owning a new piece of technology.

I had high hopes for the Apple’s iPad.  However after playing with it at the Apple store for about 45 minutes, I came to the conclusion that I can’t find good use for it.  As a music player, it’s too big.  For that, I’d rather use an iPod.  As a browser, I would rather use a computer.  I couldn’t hold it in a comfortable position.  Yes, the touch was nice, but I’d rather use a full keyboard and something that will stand on its own.  As an email device it wasn’t ideal since it is difficult to position it well to type on.  As game device, I would rather use something smaller like an iPod touch, or even a Nintendo DS or PSP. As a video player, yeah, I could see myself using it to watch movies and television shows.  As a picture viewer, not bad.  And, as a eBook reader, the back light bothered me after ten minutes.

The bottom line is that the iPad did not offer much more than a laptop (or my MacBook does.)  Seems like the notable advantage I saw was that it has a touch screen.  Yet, otherwise it was a laptop without a keyboard.  It simply does too much without being able to excel in one particular area.

However, one of my Christmas presents (from my Mom and Dad) was an Amazon Kindle.  Yes, I was excited to receive one, but I didn’t know just how useful it was going to be.  For one, I can read eBooks on my computer.  I have the Kindle app on my MacBook.  Yet, I never did read a complete book from beginning to end.  I would just read a few pages (at most a chapter) at a time.  My eyes would fatigue after a while of just reading text.  And I have to admit, that it was not convenient to carry my laptop around to read my eBooks.

The Kindle is the best reading device.  It must be the only device that it reads just like a book (or paper for that matter.)  The e-ink technology is great.  It does not fatigue your eyes like backlite screens.  And you can read it in any lighted environments.  The size is just right, also.  It is more practible to carry it than a book.  I carry it just about everywhere.  Whereas a book didn’t go with me to the bank, per se.

What made it even better was the fact that it integrated very well with my Audible subscription.  As soon as I registered it, I was able to pull my audio books from my Audible library.  The controls are fine.  However, I wish it had a way to select the chapters.  Though you can use the directional pad to navigate through the chapters.

All in all, I highly recommend the Kindle if you like reading books.  It is a gadget that will not disappoint you.

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