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Welcome to one of the most entertaining PodCasts on the internet today. The PePe Show is a relatively new show that is quickly emerging into the ranks of the more popular podcasts.

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About The Show

The PePe Show is an exciting podcast that is the brainchild of Justo Morales. It all started with Justo’s inspiration to create his very own podcast. But, without a clue on what should the podcast be, he decided to go with: nothing. Nothing as in nothing in particular.

Yet, over the months as Justo has created a new podcast as time has allowed him. He has discovered that The PePe Show has taken a mind of it’s own. Without planning for it, the show has taken form. There are two featured segments: The Oxymoron of the Week, and Justo’s Pick of the Week. Yet, music is always a must: five songs for every show, and something new to end the show before the last song.

The PePe Show continues to grow an impressive following. Find out why so many people are tunning in to The PePe Show. Dig it, play it, get it.

The PePe Show, what do you have to say?

About The Host

As a former musician who is now working as a computer professional, Justo Morales is very passionate about the work he puts forth into creating each podcast. Justo always wanted to join the worlds together: computers and music. Until now, he had not been able to do so. It wasn’t until he discovered podcasts (from the Podfather himself, Adam Curry) that Justo set on course to do his own podcast. After reasearching the technical details and putting together the equipment, Justo produced and recorded several pilot podcasts. Though this podcasts were never released, the helped Justo understand how to put together a Podcast. In May of 2006, after purchasing his new car, Justo felt he had enough to talk about and created his first episode of The PePe Show.

Since then, Justo has been working hard to make his show, and his website, one of the most entertaining podcasts out there.

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